Lavi Kimchi

Advocate, Founding partner

Lavi's professional experience extends to all aspects of civil and commercial law.

Over the years, Lavi has represented the firm's clients [individuals, companies and groups (domestic & international)] in complex commercial transactions, in contracts and in disputes in various fields, including: infrastructure, tenders, regulation, energy, retail, environmental and real estate. 

Accompanying clients in these areas has led to an accumulated experience that provides broad vision and in-depth understanding of commercial processes, and proficiency in the legal fields affecting these processes.


Lavi has a proven legal ability and skills required for transactions and for representing in dispute resolution, civil litigation including insolvency.


Lavi represents the firm's clients in private and commercial real estate transactions.


In addition, Lavi serves as an advisor on age risk, planning for loss of control and independence, for individuals, families and single parents, as well as for families to children with special needs. he is authorized by the legal guardian of the Ministry of Justice to conduct a continuous power of attorney.


For a decade, Lavi served as a full-time academic lecturer, including in the insurance professions and road accidents, and has a deep and broad understanding in these areas as well, and he advises in insurance.